How Focal Speakers Deliver the Best in High-End Audio

A collage featuring product images of the Aria, Utopia and Chora speakers.

Never Sacrifice Quality With Focal’s Premier High-End Loudspeakers 

Nothing moves the soul quite like music, be it a rhythm and blues classic on vinyl or the latest Hi-Fi Plus release on Tidal. Did you know studies have shown music can reduce your heart rate and boost your mood? Music is most powerful when you can hear every detail without distortion, no matter how loudly you want to play it.

Unleashing the true power of music is at the heart of Focal's mission. They strive for the ultimate precision and clarity by leveraging state-of-the-art materials and design. That's why their loudspeakers often take center stage in our high-end audio installations. This blog highlights three speaker lines that we think would be a great addition to your Baton Rouge, LA, home. 

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Perfect for entry-level audiophiles, the Chora line makes high-end audio accessible to all without sacrificing quality. Listen to your favorite recordings like never before with these high-performance speakers available in three finishes. 

You'll enjoy unprecedented mid-range precision and powerful bass through their Slatefiber Cone, TNF Aluminum/Magnesium tweeter and treble, and Slatefiber woofer. Additional Time Alignment technology improves sound imaging in both two-channel and cinema applications

Utopia III Evo 

This loudspeaker builds on the legend of the Utopia III line, first released in 2008. Now designed with bi-amplification, it's easier than ever for discerning audiophiles to fine-tune their speakers to get the tonality and range they prefer. Find a high-end speaker for any occasion through this diverse line featuring floorstanding, bookshelf and center speaker models, along with the Sub Utopia EM subwoofer. 

We recommend the line's floorstanding speakers–particularly the Grande Utopia–for our two-channel installations. Listed as an Editor's Choice by Hi-Fi News, this four-way floorstanding speaker features cables manufactured in France, denser acoustic materials, TMD suspension and a redesigned crossover system for reduced harmonic distortion and crisper sound. 

Aria 900

Let the entire family bask in high-end sound with this sleek speaker line, ideal for discreet installations anywhere in the home. The Aria 900 was the first series to feature the company's trademark Flax sandwich cones, which are great for improving vocals and dialogue. In addition, this broad line includes models perfect for stereo sound or home theaters.

Explore floorstanding, bookshelf, center-channel, and surround speakers, all featuring the Aria's elegant black and walnut finishes. You'll also have a wide variety in tonality, from the bass-heavy Aria 936 to the well-balanced sound of the Aria 926. 


Are you interested in bringing audiophile-grade sound into your home? Our team of audio specialists will help you find the ideal high-end speakers based on how and where you want to listen. Nothing will help you decide better than test-driving them yourselves! Schedule a demo with our team by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting below.

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