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wedding_coupleSpringtime is a season for weddings and graduations.  And gift-giving can often be a challenge--trying to find that unique as well as thoughtful gift.  So why not consider giving the gift of music?

Newlyweds love compact, portable music systems to add warmth and beauty to their new homes.  Even if the happy couple already has an audio system for their living room, having a compact system for their bedroom or even patio is a huge bonus.  AND both the bride and groom can equally appreciate and enjoy your thoughtfulness!

And Grads?  They especially love knowing they don't have to dismantle their audio system at home but can leave it in their rooms for when they're home on a weekend or over a semester break.  With a compact system you give as a gift, they can enjoy their favorite music at their new dorm or apartment.

graduateBut the problem with typical "off the shelf" portable units is that the sound produced lacks dynamic range nor does a very good job filling a room.  Its music in a box.

Not so with products by Bose!  Bose is music in a ROOM.  Bose has earned an unmatched reputation for yielding astounding acoustical depth and clarity from compact components, bathing rooms in absolutely luxurious fidelity.  As a Bose dealer, we can help you with your selection of products available, but lets take a moment here to look at a few options.

The Bose SoundDock is one smart choice and serves as a docking station and SoundDock Series IIIcharger for iPhones or iPods on which favorite music has already been stored.  It comes in five models--all of which come with its own remote control.  You have: the original as well as SoundDock II (the latter one includes an AUX port to connect other devices) both priced at $199.95; SoundDock III is already compatible with iPhone 5's (not requiring a special adapter), features Waveguide technology and is priced at $249.95; and SoundDock Portable which has a built-in carrying handle plus a DC power port as well as a rechargeable battery for $299,95. Then we jump up to the SoundDock 10.  It combines all the best features of the other versions but is also Bluetooth compatible!  This unit even includes a video port to connect to a TV.  Now, using a Bluetooth device, watch video on your TV with incomparable audio via SoundDock!  The SoundDock10 is $599.99.

Bose offers another product which makes a wonderful gift.  Its the SoundLink.  And when it comes to portability, the Bose SoundLink was designed strictly for having great carry-it-with-you sound dynamics.   We featured the SoundLink in a previous blog so we won't repeat that here.  Just know it is a great option to consider as well and is priced at $299.95.  Click here to read about our take on the SoundLink in that previous post.

For a cherished gift for any occasion, consider putting "music in the air" for your loved ones!

Bryan picby Bryan Naquin.  Follow Bryan on Twitter @ACIexperts.  And you can always contact him at 225.906.2589 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Bryan Naquin is president of Acadian Home Theater and Automation based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  CEPro Magazine has ranked Acadian in the top 100 consumer electronic companies in the U.S. for the third year in a row.

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