Do You Need Subwoofers for Your Multi-Room Audio System?

Give Your Lafayette Home a Richer Sound System

  You’ve decided on a multi-room audio system for your home because you want easy access to music from anywhere in your Lafayette house, but now it’s time to decide on the different components of that system. You’re definitely going to need speakers and a receiver, but there are a variety of other options to give you even better audio performance.

Subwoofers are an increasingly popular multi-room audio solution, and as people spend more time listening to music throughout the house, they come to want fuller sound in every room. Read on to learn how subwoofers can give your multi-room audio system the boost it needs to deliver a richer listening experience.

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Enhance the Emotional Experience

Concerts aren’t just memorable just because you're seeing the musicians live. They're memorable because the artists use sprawling sound systems with massive speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers that physically blast you with sound. You can feel the music.

That physical sensation is tied to emotion, and people have stronger emotional reactions to music that has a resonant lower frequency. When you hear your favorite song with a perfectly balanced sound system that has a robust low end, you won't want to listen to it any other way.


Take Pressure off Your Speakers

Architectural speakers are typically optimized for higher frequencies, and you put a lot of stress on the equipment if you try to push their bass capacities. Subwoofers take that stress away to deliver a deeper, multidimensional sound.

The architectural speakers will sound better because they can focus on those higher frequencies, and it’s a great example of a piece of equipment complementing another to maximize its performance.

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Conceal Equipment Out of Sight

One of the concerns with subwoofers is space, and when you have audio in multiple rooms, you don’t want pieces of equipment all over the place. Luckily, now there are in-wall subwoofers to go along with your in-wall speakers, completely hiding the technology in the structure of the room.

The experts at Acadian Home Theater & Automation can install your subwoofers directly into your walls, and we'll also calibrate the best location for the equipment for the best acoustics. Placement is especially crucial for subwoofers, and we take all factors into account to deliver the best sound for each room.

A lot of people assume they won’t hear a difference with an enhanced sound system, which is why we recommend a visit to our office to listen for yourself. Instruments will have timbre you’ve never heard before, and singers gain new character as you hear the complexities of their voices.

  To schedule a visit or simply to learn more about multi-room audio for your Lafayette home, contact one of our experts at 225-650-7840 or by filling out our online form.


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