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Short Throw Projector Upgrade

About This Project

The BEFORE and AFTER images speak for themselves. The BIG SCREEN experience is now something that can be brought to any room. Imagine the big game, movie night, or playing the latest video game with the kids on a 100+ inch screen.
This is a great example of using a traditional entertainment center to house your TV and components. The challenge is that you are limited by the furniture on the screen size, therefore you can never really achieve the BIG SCREEN experience.
By simply cutting the front wall into 2 separate areas you can achieve the BIG SCREEN experience. The bottom area is dedicated to audio components, video components and the top have is dedicated to a large “ambient light resistant” screen. This allows a large screen for games and movies with the lights on.
Achieving this immersive experience with a minimal footprint is achieved with a short throw projector hidden in the furniture. The projector can produce a massive image with a short distance from the screen.