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Client support

Client support / HOW TOS

For Acadian, it is never about making a sale, it is about solving a problem.


Even once the sale is complete, we want our clients to have the proper support. Please see below for some links and literature on how to best utilize our products.


Some companies view service as a department that is separate from sales, installation, billing, etc. We feel service is woven through our entire organization and is a constant “mindset” of every employee. We recognize that we are not in the audio and video business, we are in the service and solution business. Therefore, we factor this reality into all of our decisions as it relates to our clients, the products we use, our procedures and our staff.


For more information on how to use our products and view some of our video instructions at


Don’t forget to take advantage of our free app for easily reporting service issues 24-7. We immediately receive an email with the details of the request you submit and the scheduling process begins. We will stay 100% focused on always finding ways to improve the customer experience through any means possible.


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