How to Make Your Daily Tasks Simple with Smart Home Control

Make life easier around your New Orleans home with new automation technology

  As more and more technology finds its way into our lives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the different devices in our homes. Our TVs, speakers, computers, gaming consoles, phones, tablets and even some appliances are all smart devices now, delivering a constant stream of notifications, feedback and information.

What if there was a way to link devices into one cohesive network you could control simply from one device anywhere in your home? This is the promise of home automation, particularly smart home control. With the right smart home control system, simplify everyday chores around your New Orleans home and enjoy a more relaxed, more comfortable lifestyle.

Here are five devices that can be linked to a control system to give you control over your home technology again.

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Adjusting your home’s shades may not be a physically daunting task, but it is time-consuming. Motorized shades can be controlled remotely from your bed or couch, so you don’t have to get up to adjust them all the time. You can also program your shades to adjust themselves automatically based on a premade schedule or by following the sun’s path through the sky.



Would you like to increase your home’s energy efficiency and making your fixtures simpler to control? What if you could do that while enjoying a more striking lighting design in your home? All this and more is possible with whole-home lighting control. When linked to a smart home system, lighting control allows you manage your fixtures from a central control interface, and you can use the same scheduling features you get with motorized shades. Dimmers lower your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of energy required to light a room, and you get a greater range of lighting options with the ability to control light temperature and intensity separately.



Have you ever been on your way to work when suddenly you think, “Did I remember to lock the door?” With smart locks, you’ll never have to worry about your doors again. You can use your phone to remotely check the status of any door, lock it remotely, then have your door unlock automatically when you come home from work.

Smart locks are also handy for package deliveries or other situations where someone needs temporary access to your home. Once the delivery is complete or they’ve finished their other task, lock the door behind them knowing your home is secure.



Doorbell cameras are a great partner for smart locks. The camera lets you see who’s at the door and talk to them before you let them in. They’re also handy for moments when you’re at home but can’t answer the door immediately. Once you’ve identified who’s at the door, you can unlock the door remotely.



Whether you’re throwing a party or taking care of household chores, having some music in the background makes the occasion more pleasant. You can make it easier to enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere in your home with a whole-house audio system. Once the system is installed, your music will seamlessly follow you from room to room. You can also stream different audio sources to separate rooms to keep everyone at home content.

A smart home control system is a surefire way to make your daily routine more enjoyable. To learn more about our smart home solutions, call us at (225) 650-7840 or fill out our online contact sheet. You can also send us an instant message via the chat box in your browser.

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[…] SEE ALSO: How to Make Your Daily Tasks Simple with Smart Home Control […]

[…] SEE ALSO: How to Make Your Daily Tasks Simple with Smart Home Control […]
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