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Enjoy Whole House Audio/Video Without the Clutter

Investing in a whole house audio/video system for your Baton Rouge, LA residence doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your clean interior design for the sake of high-quality sound. With the minimalist A/V products from Stealth Acoustics, Acadian Home Theater & Automation can design and install a whole house audio/video system that seamlessly integrates into your Louisiana home. Read on to learn about the options available for hidden technology.

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Hidden Speakers

The issue with trying to hide speakers in bookcases, or behind other more appealing décor is that you end up muffling the sound. By using in-wall speakers, you can enjoy hi-fi audio and eliminate unsightly clutter. These in-ceiling speakers are small and can match the shape and size of your recessed lighting so you don’t even notice them. We can even paint the speaker grill to match the walls, or even completely conceal them with dry wall. You and your guests will be able to focus on the beautiful sound and how beautiful your home looks, instead of all the A/V equipment.


Hidden TV

The valuable wall real estate where you have placed your 4K Ultra HD TV doesn’t have to go to waste. Stealth Acoustics provides cover art that turns your TV into a beautiful painting when not in use. A custom image of your choosing is printed onto a painting-quality canvas. When you turn on the TV, the canvas seamlessly rises out of view, then lowers once you’ve finished watching your show.


Hidden Wiring

Cables and wiring are often inevitable for whole house audio/video systems, but they’re components you want to be hidden, not on display for everyone to see. Our smart home automation experts can run wiring through walls, along trim, under carpeting, in the ceiling, and more. We also have wireless options for your multi-room music system so you don’t have to use wires at all.


Hidden Equipment

Comprehensive whole house audio/video systems have a lot of different components., We can hide all of your equipment using elegant cabinetry or dedicated spaces so that your Blu-ray players, amplifiers, and other pieces of equipment are out of the way and out of sight, but still easily accessible.

  Don’t let wires or equipment keep you from getting a whole house audio and video system for your Louisiana home. We’ll work with you to design a system that flows seamlessly through every space. To request a consultation, fill out this online form or call 225-906-2589.


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