Discover the Latest Trends in Home Security Systems

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  Security is the driving force of the smart home industry. It’s the most in-demand feature for smart home systems, and more than anything else, homeowners want to know that their families are in a safe environment. Manufacturers are always looking for new ways to satisfy that need, and in the past decade, there have been massive strides in high-definition video surveillance, voice control, facial recognition, motion sensing, and automated functionality.

Are you considering a home security system for your Baton Rouge home? Read on to learn about the latest industry trends that are setting the bar for smart security technology.


AI Learns Your Habits

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the core of the smart home, and new devices are taking the information they gather throughout the day to make intelligent adjustments that best suit your living patterns. Multipurpose sensors play a significant part in machine learning, monitoring motion, ambient lighting, sound, air quality and more to give your system the data it needs to make automatic changes and detect anomalies that are outside of the norm.

Machine learning means that you get fewer false alerts of potential intruders on your property as the system learns more about its surroundings and only alerts for strange new behavior.

If the kids try to throw a party while you’re out of town, you’ll get an alert letting you know that your house has more people in it than usual. Your home security system can immediately activate when everyone leaves the house, so you don’t have to worry if you left your property vulnerable to threats.


Video Surveillance Is Getting Smarter

We’ve mentioned those multipurpose sensors, and many of those features can be found in smart surveillance cameras. Video analytics functions like people counting and facial recognition have been available in commercial-grade surveillance systems for a while now, but that technology has made its way into the residential market now that the hardware has become so much smaller and easier to produce.


Hopping Down from the Cloud

The cloud has become an integral part of smart home technology, but when it comes to your home’s security footage, you might not want that data floating around in the digital ether.

There are plenty of safeguards you can put in place to protect information being sent to the cloud, but manufacturers are starting to see the value of going back to local processing and storage solutions. For anyone nervous about sharing too much sensitive information, there is now compact, powerful technology that makes it possible to integrate a system locally without communicating with the cloud.

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[…] SEE ALSO: Discover the Latest Trends in Home Security Systems […]

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[…] SEE MORE: Discover the Latest Trends in Home Security Systems […]
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