Conference Room AV: The Latest Advancements in 2024

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Provide ‘Meeting Equity’ to In-Person & Remote Participants 

We’ve come a long way from flip charts and overhead projectors in the conference room. And truthfully, we’re far past simply hooking up a USB or computer to host presentations. What happens in the conference room isn’t isolated anymore—we need a way to connect and share with remote participants and revisit ideas later. 

When hybrid meetings began, remote workers were often left out during in-person meetings. Now, as hybrid work becomes more prevalent, in-room attendees are often at a disadvantage, unable to see screen-sharing features or capture their voice and face clearly over video. 

But with the latest conference room AV solutions, it’s entirely possible to bring ‘meeting equity’ to your calls—that is, ensure everyone can equally participate, whether they’re in the room or not.  

See all that’s new and noteworthy in the world of conferencing AV for your New Orleans business below. 

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The hybrid work model is here to stay, and businesses recognize the need to adapt their technology to this new reality. According to a recent survey, 60% of IT professionals believe the workplace will be predominantly hybrid by 2030. As companies in Baton Rouge, LA, and beyond look to the future, upgrading conference room AV solutions becomes a priority. This blog will guide you through the unique requirements of a hybrid workforce, key considerations for selecting AV solutions, and why working with professionals is vital for success. 

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3 Perks of Upgrading Your Conference Room AV

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Perfect Your Meetings with Cutting-Edge, Easy-to-Use Technology

Streamlining communications in a business is always a priority, but as hybrid workplaces become the new normal in Baton Rouge, LA, and around the country, it’s becoming more important than ever. Are you creating an environment in your office that lets both in-house and remote employees collaborate? Your office likely needs an upgrade to boost productivity, employee performance and client and employee retention. This blog highlights three unique benefits of embracing the latest conference room AV technology.

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How to Improve Employee Satisfaction with Conference Room AV


Tips That Will Impress Your Employees and Even Reduce Turnover

One common complaint about meetings is that they take too much time. We have all been victim to meetings that should have been emails. However, you can minimize the total time spend in your Baton Rouge, LA, conference room by streamlining operations before you start each session. Not only that, but you can also impress the employees that work so hard for your business with updated audio and video systems.

With our help and the power of conference room AV from Crestron, Control4, Sony and more, your company can reclaim more productive meetings and keep your employees engaged. Keep reading to see which upgrades and products we think should take priority.

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Improved Audio

Nothing says out-of-date boardroom audio equipment like speakers littered all over the main table, and employees take notice. Not only will in-ceiling and in-wall speakers cut out the boardroom clutter, but you’ll also get your audience fully immersed into the presentation, allowing improved brainstorming sessions.

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3 Ways Conference Room A/V Makes Meetings More Productive

Commercial automation technology makes it easy for Baton Rouge small businesses to work more efficiently together

Your conference room or boardroom is one of the most important spaces in your business. It’s where you gather your team to share ideas, distribute crucial information, meet clients and more. Given their innate importance, you’d think high-quality audio and video systems would be standard in most industries, but that’s not the case. Many companies, from the boss on down, find conference room meetings tedious or unhelpful.

If you’re frustrated with the current technology in your conference room, it’s time for an automation upgrade. A commercial automation system from Acadian Home Theater & Automation can help you and your employees get more work done more quickly, as well as share that information more easily. Here are three ways a revamped conference room A/V installation can improve your Baton Rouge, LA, business.

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The focus during meetings in your conference room should be on the engaging material being presented, not trying to troubleshoot your technology. If your current conference call technology is causing you aggravation, it’s time to move to an all-in-one solution.

Modern conference call tools contain everything you need within one tidy device. They’re often controlled as touchpads, making them easy to use. Many models also have built-in wireless presentation technology, HDMI connectivity and can easily connect to any laptop using a USB hub. No more pre-meeting hassles!

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Why Should You Avoid a One-Size-Fits-All Conference Room?

Find a Conference Room AV Solution that Matches Your Company Needs

Every business can benefit from a collaborative space to share ideas amongst employees or introduce new clients to your products. Though many companies offer one-size-fits-all conference room AV solutions, there are several reasons you'll want to opt for a custom one in your New Orleans, LA office.

Space limitations and room responsibilities will vary from boardroom to boardroom, so why shouldn’t your technology reflect that? Each section of this blog highlights ways a one-size-fits-all solution could fall short along the way.

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It Won’t Match Your Space

Even though many companies still use traditional boardrooms that sit 10-15 people, they’re no longer the norm. Recently, many companies are transitioning to huddle room spaces with five to ten people instead. Opting for a one-size-fits-all solution could result in a display that is too big for a small space or microphones and speakers that can’t fill out a larger one.

For optimal results, you want a conference room AV solution designed with your space's size and layout in mind. With the ideal number and arrangement of speakers and microphones, everyone will hear without feedbacks or echoes. Optimize your display size, placement and resolution, so everyone has a clear view of the screen.

It Won’t Match Your Company

Do you want to use your conference room just for video calls or for brainstorming sessions as well? Do you plan on using the room for training or even podcast recordings? Most one-size-fits-all solutions come with pretty basic AV and collaboration tools. Will that be enough for your company?

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