3 Smart Lighting Control Benefits That Will Surprise You

The Secret Reasons Why Lighting Control Is a Bright Idea

Our customers have enjoyed lighting control benefits that have enhanced their comfort and sense of convenience within their Baton Rouge, LA, homes. Sure, we love hitting one button and turning off the lights downstairs when we’re cozy in our bedroom, but what about the hidden advantages a smart lighting user has?

We want to highlight those less-discussed benefits of lighting control in this blog. Keep reading to see which perks should make you look more closely at installing an automated lighting system.

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You’re Can Conserve More Energy

You can change the world one light bulb at a time, in more ways than one. Just by using the LED bulbs necessary in a lighting control installation, you’re cutting energy costs by up to an impressive 90 percent.

If you use a dimmer, you’ll snag even more earth-conserving benefits. With Lutron lighting smart lighting control, you can schedule your lighting control for maximum energy efficiency.

Did you know that most energy from sunlight converts to heat in your home, overburdening your HVAC system? Pair motorized shades with your lighting control to shield your home from extreme temperatures while conserving energy. How does this work? Lighting control lowers your shades whenever it senses excessive light, which simultaneously traps potential heat energy and exterior hot air.


You Protect Your Home and Family

Many people forget the many safety features smart lighting control provides. It can be your first defense against suspicious people approaching your home. For example, if your surveillance equipment doesn’t recognize someone, your lights might flash, warning the person to leave.


You Can Enchant Your Guests

Do you enjoy entertaining? Often, guests cross long distances to see you. Impress them by making them feel welcome in your home from the moment they arrive.

Imagine driving several hours and arriving late to a sidewalk that lights up as soon as you pull into the driveway, giving them a clear path to your doorway.

When they get inside, you’ll have more surprises in store. Have a beautiful painting or sculpture you’d love to show off? Or maybe you have a unique architectural element your visitors should see? Acadian can wire accent lights to focus on any conversation starters or areas of interest. With lighting control, you can power down all of these lights when guests vacate the room.


You Give More Life to Outdoor Spaces

Controlled accent lights aren’t relegated to indoor areas, either! Light up garden spaces, trees and patios with automated lighting, too. Now that summer weather is returning to the South, liven up your pool parties by illumination decks, patios and underwater terrain with entertaining lights!

Not only will your guests thank you, but you’ll enhance your home’s market value if you ever decide to sell your house. In fact, an Alarms.org study found that nearly 60 percent of homebuyers want lighting control in their next home, even if it means paying more.

As we’ve illustrated, smart lighting helps you enjoy your home now while preparing you for the future. If you want to explore all these features and more in your integrated home, call us at (225) 650-7840, fill out our online contact form or click on the chat box in the lower-right corner of your browser.

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[…] SEE ALSO: 3 Smart Lighting Control Benefits That Might Surprise You […]

[…] SEE ALSO: 3 Smart Lighting Control Benefits That Might Surprise You […]

[…] SEE MORE: 3 Smart Lighting Control Benefits that Will Surprise You […]

[…] SEE MORE: 3 Smart Lighting Control Benefits that Will Surprise You […]
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