Enjoy laser-sharp clarity in big, bold, hi-def delight! And never hear "Where's that remote?" again! With a Distributed Video System, you can not only watch TV, but view movies from your DVD player or movie hard-drive, satellite dish, surf the internet or monitor your closed circuit TV cameras from any TV in any room of your home.

Acadian Home Theater Audio


Its our philosophy that installation begins with us listening. Our first appointment with you will be all about you doing most of the talking telling us how your like to live. From that, we will recommend the kind of video hardware alternatives that would complement your lifestyle. We'll customize a package around your needs and your budget.

Acadian Home Theater Audio


Why spend a fortune on video systems for each room when you can have a superior, centralized system that feeds every screen in the house? Your DVD and Blu-Ray disc players, gaming devices, satellite receiver, TiVo, surround sound, drivers, amps, etc., will all be centralized in a beautiful racking system. Room-by-room total access is available through touch panels.

Acadian Home Theater Audio

We can save you time and money with one of our distributed
video systems.

With a distributed video system, you can not only watch TV, but your DVD or Blu-Ray player, TiVo, satellite dish, or closed circuit security cameras from any TV in any room of your home--even outoors! 

Some of our clients in the areas of Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA want to have their entire video library loaded onto a server.  With a Kaleidescape media server, for example, you won't have to load any disc ever again.  Every movie you own is pre-loaded.  Just display your titles on your flatscreen using your touchpad and enjoy the show!  Now, with the touch of your finger, you can enjoy all of your movies in any and every room in the house.  And no discs scattered here and there.  Whether you'd like to enjoy video in every room of your home in Lafayette or Covington, or simply need a home theater installation, our team can complete any project you desire. 

Why not tie in your security cameras to your flatscreen to view from the comfort of your family room? Have you ever wanted to know who was at the front door before you walked there to find out? How about keeping an eye on the pool from your office desk, or checking on the baby without having to walk upstairs? 

Distributed video adds more style to your lifestyle!