Home must be the place where you most feel secure, not vulnerable. We offer packages to do just that giving you the peace of mind you expect. Access to your home can be controlled via keypad entry, swipe card, remote control sensor and even having magnetic locks installed at key entry points. Combine these technologies with superior monitoring systems for the best in security performance.

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Camera systems are an integral component of the surveillance check of your home. Those cameras, of course, are trained on access points to your home and property but, just as vitally, to safety-sensitive areas like a nursery or pool. If you opt to have smart house wall panels networked throughout your home, each station automatically serves as a handy monitoring station. Additionally, you can choose to link your iPhone to your home.

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Working from your home's floorplans, we'll situate all security and monitoring hardware for the most efficient access. All wiring for external units are hard-sheathed to prevent tampering. You will not find anywhere on the market a higher caliber of equipment for residential purposes than those we recommend to you.

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Smart home technology allows you to check your home's security features from the comfort of your couch or any room in the home. Your master bath may be far from earshot of your front drive but your wall-mounted, touchscreen monitor keeps you alerted instantly.

Acadian Home Theater Audio

Need to know who is at the front door before you walk there to answer it?

How about keeping an eye on the pool from your office desk, or checking on the baby without having to walk upstairs? We can save you time and money with one of our security and surveillance systems. Perform a seamless scan of every family space or access space to your property in New Orleans or Baton Rouge, LA.

Know who's where at any time--even when you're away using your smart phone.  Do you think it makes sense to have a keypad or swipe card device at your gate or to a secondary building at your home? We can do that, too.

We can assist you in designing just the right protection plan for your home and your family!