The Savant single home app merges all your home control into a sleek and intuitive user interface that’s already part of everyday life for many people. Savant’s unprecedented level of efficiency, security and simplicity will help you create a home that is uniquely your, designed for the way you live.

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savant app

CREATE AN ATMOSPHERE: Dim the lights, cue up the playlist, and lower the shades – the tap “Date Night” in your Savant Scenes to bring it all to life when the moment is right.

CAPTURE A MOMENT: The lights and music are perfect, simply save the scene, call it “Relax” and recall it anytime you like.

PLAY WHAT YOU WANT WHERE YOU WANT: Enjoy your personal playlist while the party mix is on upstairs and the kids are streaming a movie in the family room.

WAKE UP YOUR HOME: Schedule a “GOOD MORNING” scene where the house warms up before you get out of bed, fades into your favorite song, and turns on the news in the kitchen.

KEEP AN EYE ON THINGS: View all rooms at a glance to check in on your family, watch the security cameras from your TV or phone, and arm the alarm system if needed.

YOUR HOME YOUR APP: Simply insert your custom photos of each room for fast and easy recognition as you move from room to room within the app.

GET IT YOUR WAY: Multiple users can create their own scenes, adjust the lighting, or simply change the channel. Plus, parents can modify rights and privileges to adapt to children of different ages.