Imagine hosting a party and pressing one button to light the interior and exterior of your home in the most attractive manner. Forget the old and unattractive switches, slides and knobs. Simply press a button for pre-programmed results such as "full lighting," "dinner party," "garden party," or "movie night." Each occasion is celebrated with its own lighting display. The same single touch can even close motorized shades for you!

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If your home is under construction, we work closely with your architect and electrician to maximize the lighting package designed for your home. In an existing home, we can easily retro-fit your current lighting package to create the elegant lighting designs you want to achieve. And if you're looking for energy efficiency, we can replace your old incandescent lights with LEDs for greatest output with fewest amps.

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Our systems allow you to program your lighting for varying times of the day without you even needing to touch a thing. Early mornings can start with soft lighting and gently brighten as you become active. Night lighting can be brighter during dinner and soften with evening as you unwind. Even while you're away from home, it appears occupied.

Acadian Home Theater Audio

Light interacts with everything in your home
— your furnishings, your décor, your lifestyle, and you.

An integrated Lutron lighting system, along with motorized shades and draperies allows you to personalize your home in New Orleans or Baton Rouge by controlling the light. Instead of merely turning them on or off, lights can work together in any combination, in preset sequences, or on prearranged schedules. When you leave for vacation, say to Destin, Florida for example, you press one button so that lights turn on and off and shades close and open creating a pattern that suggests someone is still home. Not to mention, preset scenes will conserve power and save you money.

The same wiring that commands the lights can also command lawn irrigation, pool temperature, hot tubs, garage door openers, and your complete home entertainment system. Imagine, the same button that sets your lights can turn on and control your music. The opportunities with our lighting installation services are broad, and we can completely customize anything to your lifestyle and budget, whether you live in Lafayette, Covington or anywhere in Louisiana.

Don't forget to include LED lighting into your design. With LED lighting you can reduce electrical usage by up to 70% while still enjoying great light quality without the heat traditional incandescent or compact fluorescents produce.